Surgical Missions & Community Health Fairs

Each year we Organize Surgical Missions  in Trujillo for those who, for lack of resources, are without access to adequate medical treatment.  For surgical missions we work with International partners such as Healing the Children NJ , International Surgical health Initiative and Go-Med

Each month in Trujillo we also organize Community Health Fairs with local partners including the National Police and local authorities..

In Arequipa our partners at Hospital Tony Molleapaza Rojas Children’s Hospital also each year run several surgical missions with visiting surgical teams.

Community Health Fairs

Our health fairs normally take place in Partnership with the Peruvian National Police in Trujillo on the 3rd Saturday of each month.   We offer free health care consultations and presentations to members of the community with limited resources.

The events are supervised by our own Doctor, Rocky, and healthcare professionals of the Peruvian National Police.

Get Involved

All our program participants can become involved in these Community Health Fairs which are a great way to work directly with local communities and to use the medical Spanish you have been developing whilst in Trujillo.

Surgical Missions 

Working with an international medical team is a great way to be involved in something special and also gain valuable experience.

The following international campaigns include those completed in  2015 and 2016 and those planned for 2017 & 2018.

General surgery & Gyn Mission – Feb 21 – March 3,  2016

We completed  general surgery and a gynecological surgery mission with a Canadian team from Greater Outreach Medical/Educational Destinations (Go-Med).  This mission took place in Trujillo at the Hospital of High Complexity.  59 surgeries were successfully completed including a number of complex gynecological operations.

Cleft lip surgery Mission – May 8 – May 21, 2016

A team from Holland carryied out cleft lip surgeries at Arequipa Children’s hospital

Urology Surgery Mission –  Aug 28 – Sept 10, 2016

A team from Holland performed urology surgeries at Arequipa Children’s Hospital

General Surgery – Oct 30 –  Nov 5, 2016

A team from ISHI returned to Trujillo to perform 30 general surgeries at Trujillo Regional Teaching Hospital and a series of lectures at a local medical school.

Plastic Surgery Mission – Oct 23 – Nov 5, 2016

A plastic surgery mission for both children and adults at Arequipa Children’s Hospital

Cleft Lip Surgery Mission – Jan 5 – Jan 18, 2017

A team from Spain performing cleft lip surgeries at Arequipa Children’s Hospital

General Surgery Mission in Trujillo – May 20 – 25, 2017

A team from ISHI are carried out a free general surgery mission for adults, completing 47 surgeries during the week

General Surgery and Gynecology Mission in Trujillo – Nov 2017

We are in the planning stages to recieve a team from Go-Med who will be carrying out a free general surgery mission

General Surgery Mission in Trujillo – May 2018

We are planning for the return of ISHI for another general surgery mission

Get Involved

The international surgical campaigns normally last for one week and those participating students may have the opportunity to spend time in the operating rooms with surgeons from the US and Canada, as well as providing support with pre and post-operative care.

Are you a health care or education NGO?

Please contact for more information about our health campaigns. We are interested in partnering with NGOs and teams of professionals interested in carrying out surgical or other health care missions in Peru.

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