Physical Therapy Program

The physical therapy program for students and professionals is the ideal elective rotation for those looking to develop and practice physical therapy abroad.

Here you will spend time working at the hospital Physical Therapy Department and can get involved with our community health fairs, providing free PT consultations to those with few resources.

What makes about physical therapy program abroad special is that as well as participating in hospital consultations, you can also take our CME accredited medical Spanish program.  The development of your Spanish language skills is an increasingly useful, or even, essential skill for many physical therapists.

PT Student Experience

Carleigh completed a hospital elective and medical Spanish program.

Learn more about her experience

Clinical Rotations

Each day you will work in the physical therapy department of one of the large hospitals we work with in Trujillo.  Typically, you will work Monday to Friday from 8 am till noon.  There you will see both in patients and out patients under the supervision of local qualified professionals.

You will be kept busy at the hospitals, who have a constant flow of patients undergoing physical therapy programs.

Medical Spanish

The language element of our programs is as important as the clinical experience.  For many the prime motivation to participate is to develop their language skills.  The medical Spanish program combines grammar, vocabulary and conversation, as well as medical Spanish.

Our team of language teachers teach at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  To ensure you learn as quickly as possible you stay at one of our great home stay families to complete your language immersion.

Community Health Fairs

An increasingly important part of our program are the community health fairs that we run together in Trujillo.  We partner with local authorities, the police and prison service to provide free consultations and medication to those in need.  For Physical Therapists, this is an intensive experience, seeing a large number of patients, most of whom have not received the rehabilitation support they require.  Again, at the community health fairs you will be working under the supervision of local professionals.

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