Each month students and professionals come to Trujillo and enjoy their elective and/or medical Spanish program.  The security of program participants is at the top of our list of priorities, and we do understand that a trip to another continent can be a daunting prospect.  However, systems are in place to ensure you have a worry-free experience here.

Before arrival

We send you a welcome pack with information covering different aspects of your program here as part of the booking process.  This includes getting to Trujillo and general safety advice.

We are available to address any questions or concerns you may have in the run-up to your arrival here.  Two weeks before your arrival, you will receive details of your host family, including their address and telephone number.  You will then also receive the details of the driver collecting you from Trujillo airport or bus station.   This includes a photo of the driver and their vehicle.

Arrival Induction

Within a few hours of your arrival, you will have an induction interview with one of our management team.  The induction will cover various areas of the program, including safety.  The advice is pretty much common sense but worth speaking about to ensure a problem-free experience.

Homestay accommodation

All our participants have a private room in a comfortable home less than 10 minutes’ walk from our center.  Most of the families hosting participants have worked with us for several years.  All are professional households and are warm and welcoming.  At each homestay, there usually are 2 to 4 participants.

Female households

While we have complete confidence in our families, we understand that sometimes female participants feel more comfortable in a mainly female home.  If this is your preference, please just let us know on the booking form.

About 70% of our participants are female, and most of those travel here alone.

Daily Transport

As well as our center, you will find that shops, gyms, restaurants, and cafes are located just a few minutes walk from your host family.  You will not need to use public transport or taxis unless you wish to.  If you use taxis, you can use one of our drivers or perhaps use the popular taxi app, Easy Taxi.

Hospital rotations and our community health fairs are not within walking distance.  Therefore, we provide private transport.


Before you arrive, our Director will connect with you on the WhatsApp app.  This app is very popular in Peru, and on arrival, we will connect you to the student WhatsApp group.  This is used for sharing travel plans and photos, etc.

On arrival, we will also provide you with a local sim card for your phone.  This will enable you to communicate at all times with WhatsApp regardless of whether you have Wi-Fi or not.

We are here

We only offer our programs in Trujillo.  Therefore, our management and staff live here and are always nearby and available to deal with any issues that arise during your stay here.

Our Director, Kevin, is happy to call you or a family member to discuss safety or any other aspect of our programs.