Program Requirements

Confirmation of studies or professional experience

We require a letter from your college or hospital confirming that you are presently taking a health care program.  For health care professionals we require a letter from your hospital/clinic.

Travel Insurance

We need to see proof of your travel insurance.  When travelling to Peru, or any other country, it is always recommended that you have travel insurance covering your health and possessions.  For your well being it is a compulsory requirement of our program.

You may already have coverage through your college/employer or even a bank account.   If not, we can include basic travel insurance at no extra cost.

Proof of vaccinations

The vaccines required for Trujillo or Arequipa are Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B.

The following vaccines are optional for Trujillo and Arequipa but are recommended for those travelling to certain areas of Peru.  These vaccines are Malaria, Rabies, Typhoid and Yellow Fever.  Please check for detailed and the latest advice.

Please contact your own doctor to confirm the vaccinations required for your trip. These may vary depending on whether you intend to travel to other parts of Peru or South America.  Proof of your vaccinations is required

Curriculum Vitae or Resume

A copy of your CV/resume, including your education and experience to date.


A copy of the information pages of your passport.

All the above information can be emailed to us.  You are not required to post documents.

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