Activities beyond your program

Free Activities in Trujillo

Program participants  have the option of gym membership, yoga or salsa classes included.

Body Tech is a huge and modern gym, just a 5 minute walk from our center and is fully equipped with weight machines, free weights, aerobics classes, spinning, Pilates and a sauna.  Open 5 am to 11 pm.

This is the most popular option as they also have dance classes and yoga classes available at no extra charge.

Trujillo Yoga is a 10 minute walk from our center.  Here you can learn and practice Hatha Yoga 2 times per week after your medical Spanish program

Salsa Madrid Dance School is again just 5 minutes walk from our center.  Your dance program there includes one hour classes, 3 times per week.

Each week we also include free activities as part of our language program.  Activities include making a local dish, preparing cocktails or visiting local places of interest.

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