Community health fairs in Peru

Community health fair in Peru

Community Health Fairs in Peru

Making a positive impact

As well as providing medical electives and medical Spanish programs, The Medical Elective Network is committed to making a positive impact on the health of local communities, especially those with very limited resources.

This is illustrated by our foundation, Abuela’s Kitchen, that provides around 800 meals per month to senior citizens living in poverty.  We are also the local partner of several international surgical teams including ISHI Gobal and Go-med, providing free surgeries.

Each monthl we also work with local partners to offer free clinical consultations and medicine distribution.  Our partners include local authorities in Trujillo, a local clinic, the national police and the prison service.


Community health fairs in Trujillo

Participation on a health fair is a popular part of our programs.  It is an opportunity to make a direct positive contribution.  Also, you will see parts of the city you are otherwise unlikely to visit.  Even a prison!

The health fairs are for all participants.  Whether you are a professional or student, doctor, nurse, Physician Assistant, nutritionist or Physical Therapist.  All specialties have a role to play.

Medical Spanish and Clinical skills

Clinical rotations in your home country or on a medical elective abroad are great.  However, for medical and health care students hospital rotations do not always guarantee as much patient interaction as they would like.  In a busy hospital dealing with patients as efficiently as possible must be the priority for the staff working there.

A health care fair is the opposite extreme of a quiet day in a hospital department.  Typically, we see over 100 patients.  Over the course of 4 or 5 hours.  The community health campaigns can e noisy affairs, as they are often accompanied by music and entertainment.

Seeing so many patients will really test your Spanish and you may prefer to participate towards the end of your medical Spanish program when you have developed more confidence in Spanish.


Support with patients & language

The safety of program participants is at the top of our priorities.  For this reason, we always work with local partners to ensure that security and logistics are always in place.  Obviously, a community health fair in Peru is conducted in Spanish.  We bring language support along and local healthcare professionals.

It is important to appreciate that these events are not perfect.  Not all required medicine will be there and some patients will have ongoing conditions which a free health fair consultation cannot fix.  Nevertheless, you will have a rewarding and intensive experience that can make a difference.