Nursing Electives Abroad

Our nursing electives in Peru are ideal for nursing students and professionals to gain clinical experience abroad.

We are the leading elective provider in South America, offering nursing electives since 2011.   A nursing elective abroad is the chance to see health care in another country.  Your nursing elective at Medical Electives Peru is so much more.  In addition to your clinical rotation, you can develop your Spanish skills in our CME accredited medical Spanish program, get involved in community health fairs, and participate in activities beyond the hospital and classroom.

Nursing Rotations

Nursing students and professionals can work in our partner hospitals and rotate in many medical specialties.

Each of the facilities we work with is different.  You may be interested in Emergency medicine at a large hospital or perhaps rotate at a community hospital, where you will also participate in community visits.

Hospital rotations take place each weekday morning.  Most Hospitals have fewer resources than those in your home country, and some hospitals have very few resources indeed.   You will also see conditions more advanced than you have seen at home.

  • Emergency
  • Pediatrics
  • Internal Miedicine
  • Surgery
  • Family Medicine
  • Ob/Gyn
  • Ophthalmology

Medical Spanish program

As well as nursing students and professionals, our participants come from other areas of health care, including medicine, physical therapy, and nutrition.  For many, the prime motivation in choosing The Medical Elective Network is to develop and improve their medical Spanish skills.

For us, helping students and professionals develop medical Spanish is as important as organizing clinical rotations.  The medical Spanish program has been designed to provide you with the language skills necessary to work in a health care environment.

Each afternoon you will spend 4 hours working on both general and medical Spanish.  The program is taught at beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.  We have a great team of professional language teachers who will ensure you advance as quickly as possible.

Family Accommodation

This nursing elective is also an immersion language program.  An essential part of this immersion is staying with local families.  A welcoming family will offer you many opportunities to further practice the vocabulary and grammar learned in the classroom.  Read more about our great families

Community Health Fairs

Seeing as many as 50 patients in a morning is something participants enjoy when they get involved in our Community Health Fairs each week.  There are more intensive experiences than a hospital rotation; your language and nursing skills will be thoroughly tested.  We work with local partners such as the national police and prison service.  At the health fairs, patients receive free consultations and medicine.

Do not worry if you are in the early stages of your nursing degree.  Health Care Fairs also include local health care professionals and Spanish language support.

Surgical missions

Depending on the month that your school program offers your nursing elective. You may have the opportunity to participate in one of the surgical missions we run each year together with visiting surgical teams from the US and Canada.  These typically last for just one week, where we aim to provide over 50 free surgeries.  These are very intensive and unique experiences, unlike any typical week in a hospital.

Community Health Fairs


Choosing Peru for your nursing elective abroad is an opportunity to explore a beautiful country rich in history and boasting the Andes mountains and Amazon Rainforest, as well as hundreds of miles of beaches.  Most program participants choose to explore other parts of the country at weekends or at the end of their elective.

Your days will be packed with clinical rotations and an intensive medical Spanish program.  Nevertheless, the program also includes gym membership, yoga classes, or dance classes.  At the end of this South American nursing elective, you will have had an enjoyable and rewarding experience not to be forgotten.