Nurse Practitioners

A growing number of Nurse practitioners are interested in obtaining healthcare experience abroad, whether for students or current practitioners.  In many locations around the United States,  NPs with Spanish language skills, benefiting both their patients and providing career development opportunities.

Medical Spanish for Nurse Practitioners

As with other professionals, most Nurse Practitioners choose to take Medical Spanish Immersion Program.

The program is taught by our team of physicians and language teachers.  They will ensure that you develop Spanish language skills for the consultation room and the world beyond.  We provide classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Medical Spanish classes with our physicians cover all specialties of medicine, with the focus always on patient interactions.  Each class includes lots of roleplays as well as looking at the specific vocabulary used in each area of medicine.  Our language teachers will teach the grammatical skills that will allow you to communicate in Spanish in any environment.

Busy professionals

You can take the medical Spanish program for 4 or 7 hours per day.  About 90% of NP professionals choose to take the 7-hour intensive program

Whether you choose to take the medical Spanish program with or without a clinical rotation, professionals will still benefit from our CME accreditation with the AAFP. 

We recommend a minimum course length of 2 weeks.  However, 1-week courses are available for those beginning on the first Monday of their chosen month.  Again, you will gain CME credits according to the number of class hours completed.

Community Health Fairs

The weekly community health fairs are an excellent opportunity for Nurse Practitioners to practice their clinical skills and enhance the development of their Spanish skills.  It is common during community health fairs to see over 60 patients with a wide variety of ailments.

The fairs provide additional direct exposure to patients and the opportunity to put into effect your developing languages skills with your clinical knowledge.

Together with our local health professionals, you may be seeing patients in areas such as a public square or even a local prison.


We provide participants with comfortable family homestay accommodation, with the opportunity to build on Spanish skills and stay with other participants in the program.  These may be students and professionals from different countries and areas of medicine.

All homes are just a few minutes walk from our school.  All participants stay in a private room, most with private bathrooms.

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