Hospital de Alta Complejidad (Hospital of high complexity)

Medicine, nursing, physical therapy, nutrition, healthcare management

Opened in mid-2015, this large teaching hospital is one of the most modern in Northern Peru.

The hospital is the principal facility of Es Salud, the state health care system taking care of those with government-backed health insurance.

As its name suggests, this hospital, with 320 beds, deals with the most complex of cases and patients must be referred here from other local hospitals.

Most specialties and subspecialties of medicine are covered and the hospital is equipped with the latest technology.

This is a popular elective destination for Physical Therapy and Dietetics as well as Medicine, Nursing and Health Care Management participants.

For Whom
We recommend an elective placement here for participants who have completed or are completing their final years of study. The size and importance of the hospital ensure that students will be dealing with complex and serious cases.

General Information

  • Number of beds
  • Hospital ownership
  • Teaching Hospital
  • 240
  • Es Salud government health care system
  • Yes