Teaching Spanish

students in medical Spanish course class

Teaching Spanish at The Medical Elective Network

At our Trujillo center, we have a team of language teachers providing our medical Spanish program for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students.  The program is broken into 4 one hour sections – Conversation, Grammar, Vocabulary and Pure Medicine.

Aida, is our language teacher who focuses on developing general vocabulary.


When did you start working at the Medical Elective Network?

December 2015

How long have you been teaching English?

24 years

What do you enjoy about teaching Spanish at The Medical Elective Network?

I enjoy the working environment, the teaching style, and most of all, interacting with students from all parts of the world.  I enjoy working with small groups which means we can give individual attention enabling students to progress quickly.

What advice would you give to students before coming to Peru to begin the language program?

Begin to review some Spanish in the weeks leading up to your trip. Read up about the weather, culture, etc. so that students can best enjoy their stay.

Can you explain why some students advance more quickly than others?

Some students enter with more experience in the language than others. This plays a big part, but I think that the most crucial factor is the amount of self-studying and practice done outside of class time. Typically, more studying and practice correlates to faster improvement. Sometimes, students know other languages with many similarities to Spanish. This may also lead to a quicker learning curve for some students.

What is your favorite school social activity?

Our monthly dance class for the students. I enjoy watching the students have fun while learning salsa and other dance types. I also enjoy observing the variety of talent among our students.

Which part of the program do you teach?


Do you prefer advanced or beginner students?

I enjoy teaching both and am happy to see improvement in all of the students.

What satisfaction do you get from your role?

Watching students improve over time. This is often displayed during their project presentation, which is completed performed in Spanish during the final week of the program.