Stop the Bleed Project

The Stop the Bleed program was developed by the American College of Surgeons to teach bleeding control techniques to the general population.  Each day many people die, unnecessarily, as others are unaware of simple techniques to stop severe bleeding.

To date, over 133,000 people around the world have taken this course and 16,000 have become certified trainers.  The numbers grow each day.

For lots more information about this life-saving course please visit

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The Medical Elective Network & Stop the bleed

One of our own team, Dr Lorena Lopez, has been certified as a trainer by surgeons from our surgical mission partners   Together with ISHI we have trained the Stop the Bleed program to staff from various organizations in Trujillo.  These include the fire department, municipal police and prison service.

Stop the bleed certification

As part of our medical Spanish program, all participants can be certified as Stop the Bleed course graduates.  This short course (90-minute duration) will be taken in Spanish after students have reviewed the program content in a separate class.

Interested students, with sufficient Spanish, can be certified be certified by us as Stop the Bleed trainers (In Spanish), once they have taught the course in the community here.   All students will have the opportunity to assist in the skills demonstration part of the course, making use of their Spanish language skills