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This post was most recently updated on July 8th, 2017

Participants on our elective programs choose an elective in Peru for several reasons.  Some people see an opportunity to visit this beautiful country and others want to see how health care systems operate in a country other than their own.

Most health care professionals and students choose specifically choose the medical elective network because they want to learn or develop their Spanish language with clinical rotations.

Whilst other organizations  provide the opportunity to take a health

care elective in South America, we are the only program offering a choice of great hospitals along with complete Spanish language immersion.

We are passionate about helping  health care practitioners develop general and medical Spanish skills, and offer complete Spanish language electives.

CME Accredited Medical Spanish

Some programs farm our the language component of their program to a local language school.  We have our own team of language teachers providing one of the very few medical Spanish programs accredited by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Hospital Language Support

For those beginning their studies in the Spanish language we offer extra language support, with language teachers actually working with you at the hospital. And for no extra cost.

Spanish Immersion

We believe that to learn Spanish quickly and properly you must immerse yourself into the language.  To facilitate this, we work with warm and caring families all a few minutes walk from our center who will provide you with comfortable accommodation and lots of extra Spanish language practice.

Taking a Spanish language elective is a great opportunity not just to have a wonderful experience abroad as you would in many countries around the world, but also to develop a language skills that can prove so rewarding to you in both your personal and professional life.