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Your elective in South America

Medical electives and healthcare internships are available all over the world.  Of course, we believe that one of the best destinations for your medical elective is South America and specifically Peru.  You will be visiting one of the most beautiful countries and regions in the world.  Furthermore, you will see and participate in health care in a developing country and develop Spanish language skills that you may use throughout your health care career.

Peru & South America

Peru is a beautiful country which boasts the Andes mountains, Amazon rain forest and great beaches on a coastline of 1500 miles.   It is still a developing country but is quickly advancing.  While many of the population of around 33 million remain in poverty, a growing middle class and education sector are helping to reduce poverty levels each year.

In most cities such as Trujillo, Cusco, and Arequipa many beautiful colonial buildings from the times of the Spanish Conquistadores remain.  Traveling further back in time, the country is full of fascinating archaeological sites from the Inca and Moche cultures.

Aside from its rich history, the natural beauty of the country is second to none.  Amazing destinations include the citadel of Machu Picchu, the fortress of Kuelap, the glaciers of Huaraz, and the condors of the Colca Canyon which is over twice the depth of the Grand Canyon in the USA.

Many participants on our Peruvian programs are fortunate to have the time to see more of what South America has to offer.  Popular destinations include traveling to see the mountains of Ecuador and Bolivia and the cities of Argentina.

Trujillo, Peru

Trujillo, Peru

Medical Spanish

Most electives around the world provide the opportunity to see and experience health care in the destination country. A South America medical elective offers the added opportunity to develop Spanish language skills.  Peru is considered by many to have the clearest spoken Spanish and is an ideal destination to learn the language.

At The Medical Elective Network, the Medical Spanish program provides an opportunity to quickly develop your language skills, regardless of your current level of Spanish.  Our structured CME accredited medical Spanish program in Trujillo is taught by a team of teachers and healthcare professionals.  This immersion language program is combined with hospital rotations and family accommodation, ensuring you live and breathe Spanish.

Clinical Rotations in Peru

In Peru, you will have the opportunity to participate in a healthcare environment quite different from your home country.  You may rotate in your preferred area of medicine and see conditions and untreated illnesses you may not have encountered before.  We work with several hospitals in Trujillo.  These include hospitals in both the Peruvian government health care systems and non-governmental organizations.

Residents and students on Medical Elective Network programs


Health Care Missions

We work together with visiting international surgical teams who provide free operations for people with minimal resources.  If you are here during one of these missions may have the opportunity to participate.  Aside from working with visiting teams, each week, we also hold Community Health Fairs with local partners such as the Peruvian National Police, prison service, and local authorities.

Where will you stay?

Accommodation is an essential but often overlooked question when considering medical electives in South America or elsewhere.  It is essential to know where you will be living and also what is the quality of your accommodation.  Are you near the hospital?  Is the area safe?  Will you be sharing a room?  You need to consider these and more questions.

While our program participants may be working in hospitals with few resources and also visit very low-income parts of the city,  we feel it is essential that while here they have comfortable accommodation.  All have private rooms (most with private bathrooms), in professional households close to our center.

Your South American Medical Elective

Each month we receive healthcare students and professionals from across the world.  For each person, we provide a tailored experience on their South American healthcare elective.

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