Programs abroad with family accommodation

home stay mom in garden with student

Many programs offering healthcare internships  abroad accommodate  program participants in shared student housing.  This can feel like, and is, an easier option, where you will be surrounded by others like you.  However, if you really want to experience life in another country there is nothing more rewarding than living with people from that country.  Where you stay is one of the most important aspects of your program

At The Medical Elective Network we believe in full immersion to ensure participants develop their language skills as quickly as possible. We have worked with a small number of great families over a number of years.   Our families house between 1 and 3 participants at a time.  In Trujillo our families:

  • Provide a welcoming environment, making you feel part of the family.
  • Lots of Spanish practice – It is like having extra language teachers and classes.
  • Are located within 10 minutes walk of our electives center.
  • Are located within a few minutes walk of restaurantes, cafes, shopping malls and sports facilities.
  • Are professional people with comfortable homes with wifi,  cable etc.
  • Provide each participant with a private room, often with a private bathroom.
  • Often form lasting relationships with participants for long after their program finishes

Get the most from your program abroad

When considering your program abroad remember that whilst staying at a large shared house with other students will certainly save money for the program provider, (especially if you are sharing rooms), it does nothing to help you really experience the culture and learn the language of the country you are visiting.