Medical Spanish Resources

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Options for learning medical Spanish

There are lots of medical Spanish resources out there to help you develop your medical Spanish skills.   Many of these are online resources, though several books are available.  Some medical schools and healthcare programs have medical Spanish courses and clubs.

medical Spanish immersion program is the ideal way to learn.  However, all of the above are complementary and can help you in your interaction with Spanish speaking patients.

Online medical Spanish resources

Online resources are often free or relatively cheap.  They do allow you to stop and start at any time. However,  they generally only focus on medical Spanish terminology.  They do not provide the grammar and extensive vocabulary you need to have a meaningful interaction with patients.  Some online resources do include example consultation audios or videos.  However, there is no interaction opportunity for you to practice your medical Spanish with real patients or even other Spanish speakers. is a free site offering help with medical vocabulary and phrases.

Daily Medical Spanish allows you to quickly check your medical Spanish daily with five multiple-choice questions.

Medical Spanish Podcast is a subscription podcast providing over 300 2 – 15-minute audio classes covering different areas of health care. is a series of online paid courses grouped into health care professions.  Each session has 25 chapters focusing on eight key medical phrases.

Canopy apps is another paid for online program.  The app includes videos and quizzes to assist student learning.

A great online alternative we offer is medical Spanish online tutoring allowing you to work one to one with one of our language teachers or physicians to focus and the medical Spanish you need and at your pace.


Medical Spanish Books

Also, relatively cheap, medical Spanish books often offer more opportunities to fully understand Spanish grammar.

McGraw-Hill Education Complete Medical Spanish is a good option looking at most areas of medicine and covering Spanish grammar in a structured way from beginner level onward.

Medical Spanish Immersion Programs

A quality medical Spanish immersion program abroad is the most expensive and best option.  A good program will help you to develop a rounded understanding of the language and particularly medical Spanish.  Living in a Spanish-speaking country means you are learning all the time, especially if you are living with a local family.

While online medical Spanish resources help build vocabulary and do complement immersion programs, they are no substitute for the real thing.

Programs abroad may be only classroom-based or offer further immersion with time spent in local clinics and hospitals.  Time spent with local students and professionals working with patients is the perfect environment for practicing both general and medical Spanish.

The Medical Elective Network is an immersion program based in Peru providing structured medical Spanish programs and clinical electives.  Our language program is 4 or 7 hours per day.  In addition, you can work in your preferred area of health care at one of several hospital partners.

For those looking to improve as quickly as possible, we offer our Intensive medical Spanish program, which includes an extra 3 hours of classes in addition to the 4-hour program each afternoon.  All our program participants work with patients weekly at our popular community health fairs.

The medical Spanish program here is taught at all levels by a team of language teachers covering conversation, grammar, and vocabulary, as well as pure medical Spanish.  Teachers rotate classes each hour, so classes are always lively and interesting.  Healthcare professionals teach the pure medical Spanish component.

Immersion language program to learn quickly and correctly.

Online medical Spanish resources are helpful in gaining an understanding of Spanish medical terms.  Nevertheless, to interact in a meaningful way with your patients, do consider a medical Spanish immersion program.

An immersion program means you will live Spanish and spend time in the classroom.  Once you leave the class, everything remains in Spanish, from the signs on the street to every simple interaction, such as agreeing on a taxi fare.  Staying with a homestay family abroad provides you with an excellent opportunity to further this learning every day and enjoy its practical use, communicating and learning about your family and temporary home.