Meals project for the elderly

A group of elderly med at Abuela´s Kitchen

Abuela’s Kitchen

In October this year, we are very excited to be opening Abuela’s Kitchen

Peru is a developing country with a growing economy that has helped take many people out of poverty.  Nevertheless, there is still no safety net for seniors without an employment-based pension.  As most people in Peru spend their lives working in the informal economy,  many have no access to a pension of any kind.  Often there is no family support leaving the senior to fend for themselves, working or perhaps begging.

Abuela’s Kitchen is our small contribution to help alleviate the difficult situation for a few.  Our program begins with 25 people for whom we will provide a free lunch each day and a place to socialize.  As the program develops, we will introduce a small food delivery service to those confined to their homes and also the opportunity for people to grow their food in our little garden.

The program will be fully funded by The Medical Elective Network, though we hope to grow with the help of donations in the future.

More news to follow in the coming months.