Dental Electives

A dental electives abroad program unlike any other.  Rather than spending your time in a hospital or clinic, your time here will involve a series of community dental campaigns and education sessions.

These clinical fairs will be programmed around your elective period.  The dental elective is a 2-week program.

This is a unique dental elective abroad for students who will gain hands on clinical experience as well as develop and practice their Spanish language skills.

Clinical practice at community health care fairs

At The Medical Elective Network, community health fairs form part of our general elective programs.   Health fairs take place every month.

However, during your 2-week elective, we will organize 8 tailor made health care fairs and educational programs.  During the 2 weeks, the campaigns will attend to several hundred people.  Under the supervision of a local dentist you will be evaluating patients and providing basic treatment where appropriate.  The patients will all have very limited resources and the consultations and treatment provided will be free of charge.

The community health fairs take place in the mornings at a variety of locations.  These may include schools, community centers and even prisons.   The environment will not be ideal, with lots of noise and people waiting.  However, it will be an experience you will not forget, or want to forget.

Dental Community Education

Part of the community health fair program will include the provision of dental education.  This may take place at schools or mothers’ groups.  You will have our staff available, providing Spanish language support.  Nevertheless, these education presentations are an excellent opportunity to practice


Getting to and around Peru

Medical Spanish Program

Developing language skills is an important part of our program.  General Spanish and medical Spanish skills can be valuable both socially and professionally.

We offer an excellent medical Spanish program with CME accreditation from the American Academy of Family Physicians that can be taken at beginner, intermediate or advanced level.

From Monday to Friday between 2.30 pm and 6.30 pm students can take our Program at our Elective Center. The language Program includes grammar, vocabulary and conversation general Spanish, and the medical Spanish term and vocabulary required to work in a health care environment.

Dental program participants wishing to take the general Spanish program can choose to omit the medicine element of the Spanish program if they wish.

Our dental electives program is for 2 weeks.  However, if you want more time to develop your Spanish language skills you can choose to take a 4 week program with us.  For the 4 week program you would spend the first 2 weeks on the intensive language program, taking 2 hours of Spanish in the mornings in addition to our regular 4 hours of classes each afternoon.  In weeks 3 and 4 of the program your mornings

4 week program

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Mornings Spanish Spanish health fair & education Health fair & education
Afternoons Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish

A dental electives program with us involves organizing a series of personalized dental campaigns and education programs at several sites.  The program is tailor made for the participants.  For this reason, we do require a minimum of 4 group participants travelling together.

Dental electives abroad

This is a dental electives abroad program that will give you the chance  to see hundreds of patients, and to learn and improve your medical Spanish skills.

If you have 3 colleagues looking for the same opportunity please get in touch with to find out how we can develop a program for you.

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