Medical Spanish CME

We are serious about developing your medical Spanish

Since 2016, our course has had CME accreditation from the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Course participants:

  • Take 4 or 7 hours per day of fun, stimulating classes taught by both local doctors and professional language teachers.
  • Live in comfortable accommodation with a friendly local family, who will further develop your language skills.
  • Use medical Spanish and clinical skills at weekly community health fairs, attending to patients with various conditions.

Medical Spanish for Physicians, Nurses, PAs and NPs

Choose medical Spanish only or combine it with a clinical rotation

We receive physicians and healthcare professionals each month in our medical Spanish programs.   The quality of our medical Spanish programs is reflected in the number of CME credit hours our program has been awarded.

You can take CME accredited medical Spanish program for a minimum of 1 week.  If you choose to come for one week, your program will begin on the first Monday of the month you choose to attend.

The medical Spanish course is awarded CME by The American Academy of Family Physicians.

We make no additional charges for CME credits.  Your certificate will specify the number of completed hours at the end of your course.  You will then confirm this to AAFP, who will then award the credits.

Professional organizations accepting AAFP CME prescribed credit.

Medical Spanish Course

4 or 7 hours per day of learning Spanish

Our CME accredited medical Spanish courses include Spanish grammar, general vocabulary, and conversation, as well as pure medical Spanish.  The objective is to provide Spanish and medical Spanish that you can apply in a health care environment and beyond.   Do please take a look at further details of the medical Spanish program.

This is a comprehensive language course and not just a course covering medical phrases and vocabulary.  Both healthcare professionals and language teachers teach our program, ensuring you understand Spanish in the hospital and beyond.

Whatever your current level of Spanish, you are sure to advance.  Participants arrive with all levels of Spanish.  From zero to advanced.  We offer lots of support for beginner-level Spanish students.

Most professionals taking medical Spanish with us choose to take the 7 hours per day intensive program.  As well as advancing more quickly, the increased number of hours will be reflected in the number of CME credits awarded to you.

Why Immersion Medical Spanish CME

An online medical Spanish CME course will undoubtedly help you become familiar with medical terminology in Spanish.  However, taking an immersion program with us will also provide you with:

  • Physicians who will practice numerous patient interactions with you through role-plays and exercises, using realistic language and the alternate terms used by patients
  • Language teachers who will explain and reexplain how to construct  Spanish language skills to communicate effectively with your patients.
  • Use your developing language skills each week at our Community Health Fairs.
  • Living in Peru means living in the Spanish language in the classroom, at home, or in a coffee shop. 

Taking CME medical Spanish on our immersion course in Peru is the quickest way to improve your communication with Spanish speaking patients

Enjoy all the benefits of our programs

If you choose to only take a medical Spanish program without a clinical elective, you still receive the benefits of the program, including:

Quality accommodation with two meals per day
Hospital Placement for elective program participants
24-hour onsite support
Gym membership or salsa classes
 local phone chip and number  Participation in health care campaigns
 Medical Spanish book & materials
Cooking, cocktail-making classes, and city tour