Abuela’s Kitchen

Program Participants can participate in Abuela’s Kitchen.  This is a social project we run and fund providing free meals for elderly persons living in poverty.

We regard Abuela’s Kitchen as a club with members, rather than recipients or beneficiaries.  Unfortunately the 25 members qualify for membership by virtue of their challenging economic situations

Abuela’s Kitchen is open from Monday to Friday each week, and from 10 am to 2 pm.  There we have a small team to welcome members, provide a quality, nutritious lunch each day, and allow members the opportunity to socialize and relax  for a few hours.

This project is began in October 2016 and as of January 2018 our team at Abuela’s Kitchen had provided 10,000 nutritious and delicious meals.

Get Involved

For nutrition program participants, Abuela’s Kitchen will form part of their community program.  Our community nutritionist, Iris, has devised the menus for the project and also provides weekly assessments and consultations for our members.

Other health care program participants can visit the projects on Fridays if they re taking 4 day clinical electives. Furthermore we intend to organize community health campaigns at the facility providing free health consultations to the local community.

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