Nursing Electives

Our nursing electives are the ideal opportunity for nursing students and professionals to gain clinical experience abroad whilst developing their medical Spanish skills.

Nursing students and professionals have the opportunity to work in any of our hospitals where you can choose to focus on any area of medicine.  Together with our medical Spanish course our nursing elective immersion program will provide you with the experience and skills needs to work with Spanish speaking patients

Madre de Cristo Clinic

We believe that the ideal experience for those taking a nursing elective is Madre de Cristo Clinic.

This large clinic was completely remodeled in 2014 and is self funded through the small charges made to patients. The clinic is located in a deprived area and serves many of the poorest in the city

With a focus on maternity and pediatrics, the 16 bed clinic has a number of departments including internal medicine, emergency, ophthalmology, physiotherapy, general surgery, radiography, psychology, urology and dermatology. They are also equipped with a laboratory, pharmacy, physical therapy and nutrition services.

You would be working with the friendly nursing team at the clinic and spend time in all areas of the clinic, and community visits, or if you prefer, just one or two specific areas.

If you need further language support you can choose to work at Hospital Florencia in Trujillo where you will also be accompanied by our medical doctor providing both language and clinical support.

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